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Martin came into the profession just over 17 years ago and has since built an eclectic portfolio of work. "having the freedom to create is so much fun... creating roles and allowing the audience to experience emotions an feelings they didn't know they could is the best feeling" Here are some of Martins Theatre credits...

Played Bernard Shaw 2017 - Jermyn St
Kirkeby & Karl - Southwark Playhouse
Tristan Bates Theatre 2016
Tristan Bates Theatre 2016
Admiral Von Schrieber UK Tour 2015
Bob the builder - Dominion 2013-2014
Jeckyll & Hyde - European Tour 2011
Zebulan/Frenchman European Tour
John Wilkes Booth Pleasance Theatre
Ethan - The Gordon Craig Theatre
Neville Craven Greenwich Theatr 2013
Tybalt -2010 - Leicester Sq Theatre
Dog Catcher - The Gordon Craig 2009
Mr Nixon - 2008


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